Edgewood luxury townhomes in Southern Virginia

Mortgage & Insurance Contacts


Local Mortgage Contact

Edgewood Townhomes & Villas recommends the following for your mortgage needs:

American National Bank                                Phone: 434-575-8597

BB&T                                                                  Phone: 434-572-3994

Benchmark Community Bank                       Phone: 434-575-0050 or 434-476-2744

Carter Bank & Trust                                        Phone: 434-575-1200

Piedmont Credit Union                                  Phone: 800-367-3328

Suntrust Mortgage                                          Phone: 800-804-6474

URW Community Federal Credit Union    Phone: 866-879-6328

Wells Fargo                                                       Phone: 434-572-2837


Local Insurance Contacts

Edgewood Townhomes & Villas recommends the following local providers for an HO6 policy, personal home owner's insurance, and association insurance. 

Fry, Jordan & Wilson        Phone: 434-572-3957

State Farm Insurance        Phone: 434-572-3649

BB&T Insurance                 Phone: 276-666-3610