Edgewood luxury townhomes in Southern Virginia

Edgewood Townhomes Developer

John R. Cannon, Edgewood Townhomes developerThe Development Company

The developer of Edgewood Townhomes & Villas is John R. Cannon, trading as Properties By Cannon, Inc. Not only is John the developer, though, he's also your neighbor. You see, John built Edgewood Townhomes & Villas just the way he would want his own home built because he actually lives here.

He has been in the construction industry for 40 years and is extremely familiar with all phases and types of construction.

He established the largest privately owned company in Halifax County in 1970. In 1998 he sold this company to Comfort Systems, USA, a nationwide provider of HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and control systems. Since that time, he has involved himself totally in economic development initiatives in Halifax County.

John is involved with many different state and local boards in Halifax County for the promotion of economic development and workforce education. He currently serves on the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification And Community Revitalization Commission and the Virginia State Workforce Board.

He also developed Edgewood Subdivision, which is contiguous to the Edgewood Townhomes & Villas properties. His philosophy in business is to deliver a quality product on time, at a fair price, always treating the customer fairly.

The development team of Edgewood Townhomes & Villas are local people, not out-of-state developers. We are extremely concerned about the quality of workmanship and the quality of the product to ensure Edgewood Townhomes & Villas will increase in value over the years. We will work with you, the potential buyer, in every way possible to ensure that you are pleased with your investment and you remain a truly appreciated homeowner of an Edgewood Townhomes & Villas.

Built to the most demanding specifications.  My own.
I designed Edgewood to be the best in every way: quality, comfort and convenience. Since I live in Edgewood, I built it the way I would want my home built - with attention to detail, aesthetics and function. I settled in South Boston 40 years ago and fell in love with the community. With homes like these in a location like this, why live anywhere else?”
– John Cannon, Edgewood Founder
(434) 579-5085 | jrcannon@gcronline.com